In 2010, the Universe brought to my life a group of beautiful and courageous women who were on their own healing journey or had already been through it. We came together organically and today, we meet once a month and as often as possible, we help other women going through breast cancer.

We call ourselves the “The Link of Hope Sistas™

We have all gone through health challenges, but we believe that a true purpose exists for every single one of our experiences.

We’re learning that healing journeys can be beautiful, even in the midst of physical difficulties. They can bring unexpected gifts and blessings if we’re open to them. One of our greatest blessings: delicious new friendships and a community of support.

Our mission: To empower, educate and inspire others who are going through their own healing journeys. A prerequisite: We must have fun in the process.

The Sistas are here for YOU.  No matter what you’re going through…we’re here to help in any way we can.  From time to time, the Sistas will share their stories and what they’ve done to stay positive…even during trying times. 

Click on their picture to read their short story and then email any one of us. We can’t give medical advice, but we can offer you tips and information on what has worked for us during our own healing journey and just maybe it will help you with yours.


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