Life, Love and Secrets

We see you, stealing a glance at the pages during your lunch break, in between errands, late at night or in the bathroom while your kids and husbands are calling your name, and you pretend not to hear. We know all about you, because we wrote the book.

Dish and Tell is a compilation of true stories of our journeys as we juggle our personal and professional lives, which we hope will leave you either nodding in understanding or winking in complicity. There’s the story of Tammi, who, too often away on business trips, had no choice but to fax her daughter an I.O.U. note from the Tooth Fairy. Lydia writes about being confronted in public by the woman having an affair with her husband, and Mercedes, usually accustomed to the public eye, cringes in horror as her newborn’s delivery becomes a celebrity sighting. And who really needs friends when your best confidante hits “Reply All” on your e-mail message and your very candid lustful feelings inadvertently make their way to the object of your desire?

You’ll get to know the corporate executive who can’t find a seat in the boardroom for her femininity and the entrepreneur who is uplifted by close encounters of the spiritual kind. We are just your average Juanitas… We have bladder control issues, weight problems and suffer hair loss. From the outside, it may look as if our lives are something to envy, but if you could see behind the facades you would discover real women, like you, in desperate need of a vacation or Prozac, whichever is more readily available. Unfortunately, not one of us has the time to plan for either.

Dish and Tell provides the peek behind the curtain at the roller coaster that is life. Some of our stories are funny, some are full of raw emotions; others are just a bit outrageous, which only proves that truth really is much stranger, and a lot more interesting, than fiction.

As we shared our adventures with each other, more honestly over time, we began to drop Bombshells. There was the time we were counting up our sexual encounters and someone ‘fessed up to having had an affair. BOMBSHELL! Or when one and then another admitted to having been raped. BOMBSHELL! Or when others talked about living with and covering up for a bipolar lover or getting a limp organ to perform. BOMBSHELL!

Those stories became the Bombshell chapter, anonymous to protect the innocent, or more accurately, the guilty (we have families, and many loved ones to protect). After reading our stories and getting to know us you might try to figure out who wrote the unsigned Bombshell stories. But we’ll never tell.

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