“Enhance your Life, Find Inner Peace”

My name is Joy Michelle Kochmer and I am honored and excited to be sharing a column on the Healing Benefits Yoga and Meditation. First I would like to share a little about me.  I was born and raised in North East New Jersey from an Italian Family of devoted Catholics. South Florida became my home in 1986. I was a stubborn, bitter 16 year old. June 15 was my birthday, (I am officially in my 40’s). My husband Dean and I have been together 26 years, he was my childhood sweetheart from age 15, (which explains my bitterness moving to Florida without him). After a 3 year long distance relationship he moved here, we have a 20 year old son Kyle. I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, Life Is Good, Great, Joyful, Magical.

It wasn’t always that way for me. In my late teens I suffered from Panic Attacks and Depression. It became hard to leave the house and I convinced myself I was having a Heart Attack, even after the Dr. swore I had a healthy heart. Well physically yes, mentally no. Into my twenties I developed  unbearable back pain, I remember not being able to touch my chin to my chest. With a diagnosis of Disk Herniations, Spinal Stenosis and Osteoporosis, I knew medication and surgery was not the answer for me.

One day I went to a Yoga class at my gym, I really didn’t know anything about Yoga but was into metaphysics as a young girl, something was intuitively drawing me to this Yoga, it resonated with me on a level I can’t explain. I kept going, for weeks and years.

The more I practiced the less pain I was in, the more I practiced my fears, anxieties and insecurities began to fade. I remember telling my teacher I felt the need to teach Yoga, this “practice” or whatever you want to call it, has changed my life and feel I would be selfish not to share it with others.

Little did I know my life changing was just beginning. It has been my mission to reach the masses, to inspire one individual at a time to live a Healthy, Peaceful and Joyful Life.

Yoga and Meditation has literally saved my life, and I am looking forward to sharing all the inspiring stories with you in a simple yet profound way.

The Mind can and must heal the body and the body can and must heal the mind. Until we meet again…

In Spirit,