Infiltrating Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage 3
Double Mastectomy
34 lymph nodes removed
Chemotherapy / 4 months
Radiation/ Daily for 6 weeks
Reconstruction in progress

” Use your light to heal others.”  “Connect, Embrace, Liberate.” 


This past year has been enlightening to say the least.  Being a single parent and raising a daughter was never quite as challenging. I was obsessive with my job, traveled extensively due to work and thought I was on a roll.  Oh …and I thought I had a solid relationship.

Murphy’s law happened, all at once:  I was laid off, ended the relationship, started a new job & voila…I was diagnosed with breast cancer…all of this within 8 months. 

It was the best thing that could have happened !

Yes, you are reading right. Blessings come in unexpected packages sometimes.  I knew I could count on my mom and daughter to be there for me, but never thought I’d have the support I would need from others. Boy was I wrong.

Friends from childhood came back into my life.  Friends I hadn’t heard from in years were calling and flying into Miami to help me.  They took vacation time to take me to chemo and be by my side.  I was always a woman of faith, but now I can say that I have an intimate relationship with God.  God has been totally visible to me via so many people. 

Since my diagnosis, my daughter has graduated from College & is starting Graduate school and the great job found me!!!

I now live in a constant state of gratitude and gratefulness. 

Lessons learned…. We need to live life in the moment, savor the now and be authentic to ourselves.   There is no rush in life.

Please contact me if I can help, I am just an e-mail away.

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