Breast Cancer Survivor
Founder: Warrior Wear

Carolyn Newman was diagnosed with Stage Three Breast Cancer in May of 2006.  Having completed, 6 months of Chemo Therapy, Radical Bilateral Mastectomy with reconstruction, radiation and a hysterectomy, Carolyn is Cancer Free. 

She is a motivational speaker and a powerful advocate of personal empowerment before, during and after illness.  She learned to grab a hold of her courage, step out on faith, and play large in her life, to be the best she could be…….. to be a Cancer Warrior.

Her belief in her ability to heal with her mind and her determination to live in the present has propelled Carolyn to a much greater and fulfilling life.

She and her husband Steve, a Holistic Optometrist and certified nutritionist spend every day battling the enemy with diet, nutrition, exercise, spirituality and an abundance of friends and family.

Carolyn retired from her career of 22 years right before her diagnosis.  She now focuses the majority of her time on her 2 children, spiritual and physical healing, speaking to large groups about risk reduction and disease prevention and counseling women recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Carolyn is President of Warrior Wear, Inc. a company devoted to helping women with Lymphedema.  Her product, Arm Candy, is sold all over the world and is available on countless websites and sold in boutiques acrossAmerica.

Carolyn has appeared on radio and television shows and has been featured in local and national magazines for her work with breast cancer patients, her Warrior attitude, and of course, for her company Warrior Wear, Inc.

“This disease gave me grief and it gave me hope.  It gave me an AHA moment”, said Carolyn.  Virginia Woolf called such little epiphanies “moments of being” when a shock pulls the gauzy curtain off of everyday existence and throws a sudden floodlight on what our lives are really all about.

Articles by Carolyn Newman

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