“There are two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle.  The other is as if everything is a miracle.”  Albert Einstein

After much searching for peace, for love and approval, I finally stopped the search and found that all that I was searching and longing for I already had. I was like a fish searching for water not realizing that everything I longed for was closer than my very breath. I was unable to experience the clarity and intelligence of the present moment and recognize the miracle of life because I was so focused on the veils of beliefs that were not serving my highest good. Then I realized that if I wanted to see different results in my life and experience some peace and joy I had to do something differently.

I began shifting my attention from believing thoughts of unworthiness, of lack and limitation, to more life affirming thoughts. I was making myself available to the life force that is always in the present moment. This subtle shift has made all the difference in my life.  I am now fully able to perceive the wonder of life in the moment and, therefore, can relax and trust life.

I have chosen to live life as if everything is a miracle; to live in gratitude and not take anything for granted. When challenges, do arise, which they do, I make it a point to be extra vigilant of where I place my attention.  Instead of paying attention to fearful thoughts, I consciously choose to stay open and receptive in the present moment. This helps me to keep the mind clear and, thus, I can make better choices. What always helps me to shift from fear to peace is to simply notice my breath. Instead of focusing on what is missing I focus on being grateful. If I am having a hard time getting to a state of gratitude I turn my attention to nature; a walk in the park, or the beach, is a wonderful, delightful way to feel at ease, immersed in beauty.

There is an underlying presence, intelligence and energy that unites all of existence. When we feel connected we feel our unity with all of creation and there is a sense of well-being and a feeling of being at ease and at peace regardless of outer circumstances. Life seems to flow effortlessly. We can never, ever be separate from this unified force, only in our thinking.  Our thinking is either affirming this life force, or in the way of it.

We can easily recognize when we have given power to thoughts of separation when we feel disjointed, out of alignment, stressed, feeling sorry for ourselves. The good news is that there is something we can do about it. Right where you are at you can consciously begin to notice your thinking; what thoughts you are entertaining and giving your power to…and instead…choose life affirming thoughts.  You are much more than your thoughts.  Thoughts are formative and create your experience of life.

Sometimes we are so caught up in trying to manage our lives that we are not even aware of our thinking. One of the best ways to become aware of stressful thoughts is to notice our bodies. Bodies don’t lie. They tell the story of what is going on in our minds. Once you develop a practice of paying attention to what your body is revealing and working in harmony with your body then noticing our thinking becomes easier. 

I truly believe that we can all live in the flow of life with ease and grace when we free the mind and stop bringing the past into the present moment and stop playing the terror movies the mind likes to create of “what could happen.”

I find that life flows easier when I pay attention to what is arising in the moment. When I am caught up in my thinking I miss out on the infinite possibilities and infinite miracles are all around me. When I begin to notice my thoughts I realized that most of my thoughts were recycled. And that is the same for every human being.  I also realized that our thinking influences our perceptions of reality.  Now instead of trying to fight my thoughts or push them away, I know that I can question them.  I can shift my attention to a deeper sense of self and rest in a space of peace. This is the peace that is always present.

I am passionate about sharing the message of healing, transformation and living a miraculous life with all of humanity. This is my life’s purpose. My commitment is to share what has worked for me and the practices and pointers that continually serve me on a moment-to-moment basis.


Gratitude Journal:    Everyday write three different things you are grateful for.

Miracle Walk:            Go for a walk in nature and being fully present truly see everything as if you                                are seeing it for the first time. Seeing without interpretation and labeling.   Simply walk, breath, see the miracle of life. You will be amazed at how beauty begins to reveal itself


Rev. Elizabeth Longo

Unity on the Bay