Articles by Dr. Steven M. Newman, O.D., C.N.S.

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Board Certified Nutrition Specialist  – Dr. Steve combines his knowledge as an optometric physician, certified personal trainer and board certified nutrition specialist to educate his patients and the public on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  With more than twenty five years in the health profession, Dr. Steve has advised and guided thousands of patients with information needed to make the right choices when it comes to health, medicine, nutrition, supplements and overall well being. 

Practicing what he preaches, Dr. Steve is an avid cyclist, often participating in charity rides throughout the country.  Practicing nutritional/holistic optometry is extremely rewarding on many levels.  Unlike most allopathic doctors (MD), Dr. Steve is best known for the one-on-one care he gives to his patients, taking the time to discuss the importance of vitamins, supplements, diet and exercise.  Taking heart rate and blood pressure measurements along with a digital photo of the eye’s blood vessels, he can educate his patients on the early warning signs of a disease and what they can do before it’s too late. 

Dr. Steve is well known on the professional lecture circuit as his seminars continue to get rave reviews from the doctors and lay people that attend.   Dr. Steve practices in Plantation, Florida.  His latest book is titled: FEEL MORE ALIVE NOW.

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