Pat's Blog » Facetime versus Facebook

Been giving this a lot of thought.  I love my FB.  For me it’s a way to stay in touch with the people I care about. It’s also my digital photo album. I can share pix of my life and I get to enjoy seeing what others are doing. 

But I’ve noticed that for many…it replaces face time.  THAT I don’t think is a healthy thing. Same with texting.  I still prefer the sounds of my friend’s voice.  Texting is just so….well….impersonal. 

So I’m going to try to turn over a new leaf.  More face time with those that I love.  Because truly, that’s the MOST important thing that matters to me in life.

I am making a conscious decision to disconnect a bit from electronics.  Months ago I also started NOT working weekends anymore.  It’s easy to work all the time if you own your business.  But guess what? Work-related emails can wait till Monday.  The world will keep spinning. 

My focus now…more then ever…is on the “touch and feel” life in front of me.  To take time for me…and my family…and friends….and remaining pets.  To nourish my soul in simple ways…like gardening and planting new flowers. To dance…to have fun. To help others on their healing journey.  To follow my passions.

Life is a gift. Sometimes it seems that we’re in a perpetual competition to see who has more stress and craziness in their life. 


Enjoy every single delicious moment of your life. It’s a gift.  Reconnect (physically and in person) with the people that you love.  Keep your phones in the car.  You will be amazed at how much fun you can actually have talking to people…and just hanging out.  We can check emails and status updates later…when we’re alone. 

Here’s to disconnecting (a bit)…in order to re-connect. 

Sending you love, blessings and wishes for peace, health, happiness and true harmony and balance.


Pat's Blog » Facetime versus Facebook
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