Pat's Blog » Focusing on the Love and not the Pain

It’s not easy to remain “positive” when you’ve just lost a member of your family.  My sweet Chloe…my 12 year old cat just passed away.  It was sudden.  She was in my arms and I was sending her love and peace, as tears rolled down my cheeks.

How do we deal with sadness…whether it’s the loss of a loved one, scary news about our own health or whatever it may be.  How do we remain at peace and calm?

 I don’t have a magic pill. All I know is what works for me which is this:

  • Feel all the emotions fully.  I cried like a baby when Chloe passed.  Grieving is good. It shows you’ve loved so deeply that you now mourn deeply. This is a blessing.
  • Savor the grief. I know it sounds so bizarre, but savoring it means this: feeling such deep emotions reminds us that we are alive. Awake. Full of life…no matter what.  We are able to feel emotions. This is a good thing. Even if the emotions are difficult. They will pass.
  • Then at the right time, before it becomes unhealthy for you…you move past it.  You leave the deep sadness behind and you and keep the love that nurtures you. That never dies.  You focus on the peace and the Divine light within you.  It’s all about where we put our focus.  I could think of Chloe gasping for her last breaths nonstop (which I’m trying NOT to do)…or I could focus on the love and joy we shared for 12 years. THAT is what I’m trying to focus on.  I know that in a few days…that is ALL that I will remember. And that will fill my heart with joy, peace, comfort and warmth.

 I’m sharing my story with you, with the hopes that it will help you with whatever difficult situation you might be grappling with at this moment.  It’s also a reminder that every single moment is precious.  It’s a gift.  We shouldn’t throw them away worrying and stressing about stuff that really doesn’t matter.

 Life is a roller coaster.  Cling to peace… no matter where the ride takes you.

Love, joy and blessings,


Pat's Blog » Focusing on the Love and not the Pain
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