Pat's Blog » Learn the Lessons BEFORE…..

Sharing a few tips from the “end” of my book where I suggest ways to live life differently when treatment ends.

Plus, I’ve picked up a few more tips from other friends…who I think “got it right”.

It’s about living life differently so that it won’t be disease that leads us to a more stress-free, peaceful healthy life.

Celebrate Life!

Stop making yourself crazy by running, rushing and doing. Make time to “just be”.

Learn to balance.

Eat Healthy and lose weight if you have to.

Stop smoking if you smoke.


Don’t stress. Live in the now; that’s all any of us really have. Be happy.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy your life! It’s a beautiful thing.

You’ve been given the gift of life. Honor it.


Celebrate every day as your Re-Birthday! Live in gratitude.


Visit the Playtime page of my website to see how some of us have fun…even in the midst of treatment.






Pat's Blog » Learn the Lessons BEFORE…..
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