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Sitting on the deck of a cedar log cabin in N.C., I soak in the clean crisp air.  The birdies are attacking the bird feeder with a fury…scaring away the squirrel that’s been munching on the seeds nonstop since we filled it up.  I’m bundled up head to toe since it’s 27 degrees. But I am in heaven.  THIS is what I love. The mountains. Wildlife. Serenity. I am so grateful.

 This is my much-deserved vacation. I’ve been working like a fiend for the past 5 months on my new book (in 3 languages), my new website (in 3 languages) and my Discovery documentary.  One year ago my chemo fog hadn’t lifted yet and there would have been no way that I would have been able to juggle all of these projects at once. But then it lifted…2 years after the end of my one year of chemo.  And I came back…hard and strong to fulfill this guided “directive” to help others through my dance with cancer. 

Many thought I was over-working, which I was.  Others thought I needed to focus on making money.  Which of course, is important since I have many bills to pay.  But I trusted. I trusted that all would be well. That I would be taken care of. That the Universe is abundance and that as long as we’re true to ourselves and our Divine purpose, we will be provided for.

Here I am enjoying a one-week break at a heavenly sanctuary.  Trusting and believing. It works.


I’ve released all the work now, in a sense. I put it out there, now it’s up to God, the Universe, to take it from here.  I will trust that they will go and do the work they need to do, helping others.  All I do is ask for guidance.  A far stretch from the days before cancer when all I ever did was control.  What a hilarious thought. We think we’re in control. We’re so not. As I always say, all we can control is how we respond to the events in our life…and what we do with them.

So, now, I trust. Release. Let go. Let God.  And ask for guidance every day…to do the work that I’m supposed to do while on this earth.

As I prepared for this trip…I threw out my back.  Just days before a “hiking” trip.  My boyfriend suffered a pulled hamstring during a tennis tournament he was playing in the day before our trip. Hmmmm.  Coincidence?   So here we are. Unable to hike.  We could find ourselves miserable. Complaining. And really self-destructing this vacation.

Instead, we’re enjoying doing….nothing.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do here, but I always end up doing….something. 

I guess this was meant to be.

Heaven on earth. Silence. Stillness. Nothing.  I am grateful.

With Joy,





Pat's Blog » Simply Trusting
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