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Don’t you sometimes have days where you just go round and round in circles and you forget to stop and smell the cafe con leche? (I’m from Miami, we smell that here more than roses). 🙂

So, yesterday was one of those days for me…and then something comes my way that stops me in my tracks and makes me smile from the inside out.

An email from someone who read my book and passed it on to her aunt:

“My aunt has become your newest cheerleader. During her chemo treatments and flushes, she talks about your book and how much it has helped. She explains how your book has helped her with so many little, important things and has even given a copy to the head nurse at the oncology office. It must be soooooo rewarding to you to hear how many lives you have touched and that your dream so many years ago when you were first diagnosed is coming true.”

Thanks for the reminder.  I’ll go a little slower today…sip on my cafe con leche and enjoy life’s rewards.

Blessing and joy,


Pat's Blog » Rewarding Work