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What’s On YOUR List?

 Have you ever wondered why….when you ask someone how they’re doing, they usually chose to list what’s wrong with their life?

  • I’m broke…
  • My wife/husband is very distant these days
  • My cat is on her last days
  • I’m fat and no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight.
  • My mom is forgetting more and more every day.
  • I have no libido
  • My neighbor’s daughter’s friend, just got robbed.
  • My doctor’s wife’s cousin-in-law…had a heart attack and died at 46.
  • I don’t get any sleep these days…..

 How are you?

It’s almost like they’re proud of the s–t in their life.  Some even go into other people’s s–t if their own isn’t bad enough.  Then it becomes a competition: who has it worse?  How do YOU respond to them?  Do you just say, I’m great….happy, content and satisfied. Thanks.  OR…do you create your own list….making sure it’s “better” than theirs?


  • I think I’m suffering from depression, nothing makes me happy.
  • I have colitis every time I eat.
  • My dog’s big toe looks strange…maybe she has a fungus.
  • My work-out partner’s husband’s sister went into the hospital and contracted the MRSA virus.
  • My accountant tells me it’s time to get a better paying job or I will lose my home.
  • Cellulite is eating up my leg.
  • I am losing my hair from so much stress.
  • I can’t afford to go on vacation this year.

 Are you guilty of doing this? I am, at times. Less and less when I’m aware.

How about if we flip the switch and turn it around?  Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, difficult and sad, let’s focus on what’s good, the blessings, and say…THANK YOU.

 Positive Replay:

 So ….Julie…how are you today?

 I’m awesome Pat.  My son is on the honor roll.  My husband and I work too hard at times, but we are so grateful to have an  income.  We have a roof over our head, food on the table, and blessings that carry us from day to day.  Once in a while it gets difficult, but we always pull through and live each day to the fullest.

 How are you?

I’m very thankful for today.  I am healthy.  I too have a home and food on the table. I have family and friends who love me. Cute pets that I adore.  I’m working towards finding new clients and creating work that will not only bring more revenue to my life, but will allow me to help others.  Another beautiful day where I can stretch out my arms…and declare….I am Blessed.

Which list will you recite from today?  

 Your thoughts are prayers.  When you think a thought, speak those words, you are creating THAT reality. 

 Manifest goodness and abundance.  Choose joy!



Pat's Blog » What’s on YOUR List?