Are you or someone you know, in need of prayers?

Please submit the name of the person you would like us to hold in prayer.  If you want privacy, then please submit first name only.  God/Spirit knows who you/they are.

There are many angels in this world that will gladly pray for anyone in need of prayer.  Prayer was key to my healing. It is powerful and it is good.

Please go to the CONTACT age of this site and send us an email requesting prayers.  We’ll post it on this page..



Now that prayer requests have come in, please take some time to pray for these beautiful people. Send them love, light and healing prayers. Thank you.

 Please Pray For:

  • Mary Lee
  • Zilkia
  • James
  • Andrea


Thank you to Unity on the Bay for the beautiful prayer and affirmation below:

Healing Prayer

In the stillness of Your presence, God, I feel Your healing life flowing through me now, bringing peace to my mind and energy to my body.

Enfolded in Your powerful healing love, God, I experience health and wholeness in mind, body, and emotions.

Thank You, God, for Your healing life that surges throughout every cell of my entire being, strengthening me and restoring me to wholeness.

To You, dear God, I release any concern about my health. I trust Your healing love and Your life-giving presence to renew me.

Dear God, I am open and receptive to Your healing power. Your light and life energize every cell of my being, and I am grateful.


Healing Affirmation

With my heart open to God’s renewing love, I accept my healing now.

I am healthy and strong because I am one with God’s healing, revitalizing presence.

I am created in the image of God, blessed with strength and wholeness.

The power of God sustains and blesses me with perfect health.

I have instant access to God’s healing power within. I am whole and well in mind, body, and spirit.

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