Positively PatCommunications Company CEO. 4-time Emmy Award Winner, Exhibited Photographer, Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Community Leader & Breast Cancer Survivor

Patricia San Pedro knows no limits. If she dreams it, she takes action to accomplish it. A native of Havana, Cuba, San Pedro grew up in South Florida and graduated from the University of Miami with degrees in Mass Communications and Marketing.

She began her career at Capitol Records promoting their top musical talent. From there, she worked as a producer, on-air talent, writer and public relations specialist for several television and radio stations in Miami. She made a name for herself in the broadcasting industry at WTVJ NBC in Miami, where she created an environmental awareness campaign called “A Matter of Pride,” which earned her three Emmy Awards. This was the first of many public service campaigns Pat would create in her career.  Her mission has always been to use her job, to create a more beautiful, abundant, healthy planet. 

Pat then expanded her wings internationally as the Corporate Communications Manager and key spokesperson for American Airlines in 75 of its cities in Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America. While at American she created a campaign called Heart to Heart.  The effort encouraged the 10,000 Miami employees to volunteer their time in their community.

Pat then moved to The Miami Herald & El Nuevo Herald as Vice President of Event Marketing & Community Affairs, where she oversaw programs such as the Silver Knight Awards, the America’s Conference, Spirit of Excellence, Wish Book and many others. There, she created Operation Helping Hands (Dando una Mano), a hemispheric relief effort that still gets activated when disasters happen in the region.

In 2001, Pat opened her namesake firm San Pedro Productions and became a market leader in public relations, communications, media training, TV production, publishing and marketing. www.SanPedroProductions.com

In May 2005, she published her first book, “Dish & Tell: Life, Love and Secrets” (William Morrow/Harper Collins), co-authored with several friends known as the Miami Bombshells. Together, they produced thirteen “Camp Bombshell,” women-only weekend retreats where women were encouraged to relax, recharge and make time for themselves.  www.MiamiBombshells.com

Pat’s busy life came to a screeching halt in 2008 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the same disease that took her young mother’s life 20 years earlier. However, from the moment of diagnosis, San Pedro saw her cancer as an opportunity – something that was brought to her life for a reason.

Even when it seemed as if the world could potentially cave in on her, she turned it around, choosing to look at the gifts, blessings and insights that came as a result of this difficult challenge.  She videotaped her journey from the day of diagnosis to help others who will walk the same path.

These days, Pat uses her story to inspire others. She encourages audiences to live a positive and purposeful life with a connection to Spirit, so it can bring forth happiness, balance, harmony and fulfillment at work and in their personal lives.

In October 2011, Discovery  Home & Health and Discovery Familia aired a one-hour documentary on Pat’s Healing Journey called “Why NOT ME” (Tengo Cancer) and in 2012 the documentary won an Emmy Award for Topical Documentary.  This is Pat’s fourth Emmy.

Pat’s latest book “The Cancer Dancer – Healing: One Step at a Time” was just published in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It is a Breast Cancer Journal of Hope & Inspiration filled with Patient-to-Patient & Caregiver Tips To Walk You through Your Healing, One Step at a Time.

On February 12, 2012 Pat’s book ‘The Cancer Dancer” was given to every performer and every presenter at the The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards®

Pat’s latest venture is an Arts in Medicine Traveling Exhibit called Discover Your Doorway. Discover Your Doorway is an interactive mixed-media exhibit that invites you to walk through the doorways in your life consciously, empowered and with eyes and heart wide open, to explore what lies on the other side…in joy.

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