Life isn’t all fun and games

Who the heck said that? 

Obviously, someone very boring and dull.



Sure, we all hit bumps along the way. Sometimes the bumps seem more like Mount Everest. I hit one of those when I got diagnosed with breast cancer.

But have fun in the midst of cancer?  Could I?  Was it even possible?

I did…even while I was undergoing chemotherapy.  My friends and I turned the chemo unit on its ear!  We had pink parties, purple parties, Hawaiian parties. We brought food for all the nurses and patients and really turned it around by being grateful to be able to spend 5 hours on a weekday with girlfriends, a wonderful luxury these days. I refer to chemotherapy as Sacred Juice. Hey, it’s healing, so it IS healing.

I learned from one of my “heroes” Wayne Dyer to always say thank you, no matter what. He’s shown me to turn my attention and focus to the good things in my life. Even when it’s darkest, we always have something to say “thank you” for. I have eyes and can read. I have ears and can hear. I have electricity and can read these pages.   There is ALWAYS something that we can express gratitude for. 

So take a break from the worry or whatever the difficult situation you are in right now and create some moments for fun, pampering and spiritual-nurturing. The key word: create. 

Tell us what you do to have fun and nurture yourself (keep it clean please).  🙂  Write to me at

My friends and I will share what we do and maybe we can learn from each other to find more time for play in our life. If we can replace stressful moments with fun and nourishment, then we are living a good life. 

PLAYTIME: here is what we do :

  • Practice Bikram yoga – 26 poses done in a heated room ( about 100 degrees). It opens your pores, stretches your muscle and totally relaxes you. It also helps with post surgery stiffness in breast area. The last 45 minutes are performed on the floor and work your spine.  
  • Swimming- this is also very, very good for restoring range of motion to chest area. Done in a non – impact environment, it really brings good blood flow without injury. Backstroke is particularly good.
  • Cook for people you love .. buy fresh herbs and vegetables from the organic farmer’s market in the Grove.
  • Travel -even if just to the town next to yours.
  • Hang out with a dog or kid who is not obsessed with time. you will instantly relax and see things in a new light.
  • Watching fun little videos like this:    When a dog gets cold….what does he/she do?
  •   I learned how to cook and tried out my new recipes, (mostly vegan) on anyone who came to visit me.  I also got a dog and was forced to go on walks, which was a great motivator to exercise.
  • When I was recuperating from my operation I had bought a sketchpad and pencils in case the spirit moved me, and I did some lovely sketches based on the classics.  I also did a lot of reading of fiction and poetry and some writing, which I really enjoyed.
  • Once in a while I read it and look at the sketchpad once again, and it brings me back to a very difficult, but enriching time of my life.
  • My suggestion:  Do something that you love and enjoy, but have put on the back burner due to lack of time and or just, the vagaries of life.
  • When I got my energy back…I love to attend ZUMBA classes.  I find that exercising alone is not as fun as when you are dancing & exercising at the same time.  Great workout!