Have You Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer?  Know Someone Who Has?

This book can help with more than 400 patient-to-patient tips starting with the day of diagnosis. It will make the journey easier. THAT’S why I wrote it. To help.


THE CANCER DANCER. Healing: One Step at a Time is a book for anyone who has ever gone through a challenge that has rocked their world and changed their lives. It is for people who are healthy and need a reminder to take care of themselves and enjoy every moment of their now.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or any other disease, or love someone who has, this book is also for you. And yes, it is even for educators, the medical community, healers, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies so they can get a patient’s perspective of a journey they know all too well from the professional side.                                                                                                                                                          



Pat reads the introduction to her book. You’ll see why this book will help you on any journey you’re on.   November 2011  Books & Books in Coral Gables. 

THE CANCER DANCER will guide you and your loved ones from a cancer diagnosis to discovering a new and more joyful way to live.  

In THE CANCER DANCER, I share useful patient-to-patient and caregiver tips and information learned in the midst of my breast cancer roller coaster.  I also include great advice from other sisters who’ve walked the same path. 

My goal is to ease you through your own healing maze in the most fearless, comfortable, educated and empowering manner . . . helping you shift from shock to love, appreciation, gratitude and healing.

Take my hand . . .  as I lead you through breast cancer one step at a time.

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